Películas FuninVR Nueva película Battlefield Strike

FuninVR Nueva película Battlefield Strike

12/30/2020     Películas

A rebel group occupied a small town with its heavy armed force and threatened the government to admit its legitimacy, if the government refuses to do that the group would immediately wipe out the whole town with biochemical weapons. However, the government rejected the rebel’s requirement and decided not to compromise. The government took a quick action and dispatched a team of special force to eliminate all the rebels. But when the special force arrived, they found that the whole town was completely blocked and citizens were taken as hostages. To save citizens as soon as possible, the special force team decided to strike the rebel group. They managed to get into the town only found that all the citizens were poisoned by biochemical weapons and mutated into evil-looking monsters. The horrible situation angered all special team members and they had no choice but to destroy all rebels and mutated monsters.

“The Last Fortress” VR game uses the first-person Gatlin shooting mode, with high-quality VR panoramic game screen, giving players a perfect real shooting experience, the coolest point of “The Last Fortress” is the game super Real VR panorama experience four weather changes in dawn, rainy, evening, and night, giving players different climate change experiences;

Películas importadas: cooperamos con los mejores equipos de producción para importar excelentes películas de realidad virtual en un intento por aumentar la competitividad

Producción exclusiva: hemos formado un equipo de desarrollo de películas de realidad virtual e invertido grandes recursos de contenido para garantizar la actualización continua de las películas con el objetivo de garantizar una rentabilidad sostenible para los clientes.

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